How to prevent and stop bad breath (halitosis)?


Bad breath (Halitosis) is always embarrassing, here I got some experiences about how to prevent and stop bad breath (halitosis) to share: 

Stop smoking

If you got a habit of smoking, then smoking would be one of the sources that you got bad breath. The smoke particles would linger in your lung and make the breath become bad. Also the smoking cause stains on your teeth and may cause gum disease. Gum disease is very concerned to a bad breath. 

Take an oral care routinely

To keep your breath fresh, you should brush your teeth two time and floss your teeth every day, better to rinse your mouth with antibacterial water one or two times each week. Don’t forget to brush the back of your tongue when brushing the teeth because the bacteria like to gather there. Once your mouth is clean, your breath should be fresh if the bad breath is not from your internal.

Take probiotics or see a doctor

After cleaning your mouth, the bad breath still exists. It’s very possible that the bad breath is from your internal. When it’s from the internal, the bad bacteria is 80% possibility the source of bad breath. The bad bacteria would produce lots of gas that smell bad. Try to take probiotics to beat out the bad bacteria. And better to take fiber with your meal for the fiber would help you to digest the food well. After these, if the bad breath is still there, you are suggested to see a doctor because the bad breath may indicate one of your internal organs has a problem.

More about bad breath (halitosis), refer to

Horny goat weed, a herbal sex enhancer

Horny goat weed is a specie of epimedium. It’s long ago that a Chinese boy noticed his male goat suddently became horny and made love with many female goats that appeared that it had a very strong sexual ability. So the boy began to observe what happen to the male goat and finally he found the male goat became horny after eatting a leafy plant. He tested this plant to make other male goats to eat it and the same phenomenon happened again. Form then on, people realized that this leafy plant is a herbal aphrodisiac and named it “Horny goat weed”, known as Chinese “Yin Yang Huo”.

Horny Goat Weed

Recently, people studied it by scientic analysis and found there a active molecule called Icariin in horny goat weed extract. Icariin inhibits the activity of PDE5. PDE5 is a protein in the smooth muscle cells of the penis to , erections become more possible when the activity of PDE5 is inhibited. This is the ame biological process of Viagra. Of course horny goat weed is as potent as Viagra, but we can see it really enhances the sex ability. Another benefit to sex of this plant is that it can increase the nitric oxide produced inside human body, the nitric oxide can help blood move through the circulatory system to make erections easier.

Horny goat weed can work independently to enhance the sex ability and improve libido, and some people report that it worked better in combination with other herbal aphrodisiacs. I think it depends on your personal body situations, you can try it alone or use it in a combination with other herbs. The post of has introduced many herbal aphrodisiacs for your information.

Lenovo Q190 Desktop VS Gigabyte N2807

It’s said in the description of Lenovo IdeaCenter Q190 found on amazon shopping website that “The Lenovo Q190 is the world’s smallest desktop PC. Uniquely compact”, seems a very perfect mini computer in the market. But let’s see the truth by comparing with Gigabyte N2807.

For the size

Gigabyte N2807: 4.5 x 4.2 x 2.2 inches
Lenovo Q190: 6.10 x 7.60 x 1.57 inches
Can you see the lenovo Q190 is the world’s smallest desktop? Maybe Q190 was published one or two years earier, at that time it maybe the smallest, but now it’s not.

For the features and prices

The processors for Lenovo Q190 and Gigabyte N2807 are 1017U and N2807, the performance comparison is as below chart.

N2807 VS 1017U

N2807 VS 1017U

From the performance comparing, we can see 1017U is just a little higher than N2807 that Gigabyte N2807 is using.

But the price of Lenovo Q190 is much higher if compares to Gigabyte N2807 with a 4GB system memory and a 128GB SSD added on.

Lenovo Q190 with the price about $330 features a 4GB memory and 1 TB 5400 rpm hard drive. A opticial DVDRW drive is installed, also equipped with a wireless multimedia remote with a built-in mini-keyboard and mouse included.

Gigabyte N2807 is a barebone, but it’s more “DIY”, we can buy a 4GB memory and a 128G, and a set of mini mouse & keyboard, it costs no more than $250.

You may consider a optical drive may worth about $80, so Gigabyte is no better than Lenovo Q190 at price, but actually nowadays do we still need a optical hard drive if it’s just for common use? And for the Lenovo Q190′s 1 TB 5400 RPM hard drive, do we really need to use 1 TB hard drive? And we all know a SSD is much quicker and more stable than a 5400 rpm mechanical hard drive! Also I consider a mini wireless mouse & keyboard set is much more friendly in using than remote with a built-in mini-keyboard and mouse.

So as a new developed mini computer with a smaller size and more capable of “DIY”, Gigabyte N2807 should be a better choice.

The topmost rangefinder for playing golf – The Leupold GX-4i

The Leupold GX-4i is the topmost model in the family of laser rangefinders from Leupold. The GX-4i features a rugged aluminum body shell, a red OLED display that makes distances easy to read against any simple or complex background.

It has two faceplates. The yellow faceplate turns on slope, temperature, altitude, and club selection.  And chrome faceplate just disables these additional features.

With the yellow faceplate attached, the rangefinder provides slope-adjusted distances, will adjust distance based on the factores of temperature and altitude that is manually input by the player.

The Leupold GX-4i provides 6x magnification with a range of 500-800 yards, and only weighs 7.9 ounces. It’s a very powerful multi-functional golf-playing device but really very handy.

The Leupold features two buttons – The power/laser button is located on the top of the device control the device on/off and fires the laser. The other button on the left side of the device is used to modify settings. To modify settings, this mode button is initially held for one second, then is pressed repeatedly to cycle between different features. The power/laser button is then used to toggle between settings for a specific feature. The user can select either yard or meter as the standard unit of distance.


Altitude and temperature are two unique features of the GX-4i. These are two important facctors that can affect the scores. We do know that we should think about them, but we don’t know how to adjust. Is 10 degrees or 20 degrees colder worth a full club? How far above sea level do I have to be before I can start clubbing down? If you take the time to input these factores (Altitude and temperature) correctly, the GX-4i will do all that thinking for you.

This is is an advanced device and also cost more than the common rangefinders for golf, but the extremely high performance would offer you an extreme enjoyment in playing golf!

Note: The upgrade verson of GX-4i is GX-4i², the improved feature is to upgrade PinHunter to PinHunter 2 that makes it easier than ever to zero in on the flag. More details about GX-4i².

Wet driving tips

Driving in a wet condition like raining need to pay attention to the below points to keep the vehicle and yourself safe

driving in the rain.

Check your tires routinely

Always check your tires before stating out. Make sure your tires is still in a good inflated condition with a correct air pressure. The normal air pressure should be listed on the user manual provided by the automobile manufacturer. Please note that the number marked on the sidewall of the tires is the maximum air pressure instead of the recommended air pressure. You are supposed to check your tires’ air pressure once a month. Also check the tires’ tread depth. Tread depth in a good situation will no doubt help to prevent skids. Finally inspect the outside of the tires carefully to see if there any puncture or cut. The small punctured holes and cuts will cause flat tire problem. Repair the vehicle’s tire immediately if any puncture or cut is found.

Slow down when it’s raining

When it rains, the roads will always become slippery and easy to casue skids. You should slow down the vehicle to make the tires better contacting the road which leads to better traction.

Keep a safe distance form the vehicle that is before you

Driving in a raining day, your shoes may get wet and become slippery. Your slipperly shoes can easily slip off the pdeals and can cause you longer time to push down the brake. Also due to the slippery road surface, your vehicle need a longer distance to stop. So you need to keep a longer distance from the vehicle ahead than when on dry roads. A safe distance in a wet weather should be more than two vehicles lengths between you and the vehicle that is before you.

Drive in the tracks of the vehicle that is before you

The vehicle before you already splash the water, and it takes time for the water to return to the original position. So follow the tracks of the vehicle ahead can reduce lots of water between your tires and the road. And such a way can reduce the risk of skids.

Stop your vehicle in a rest area when the rain becomes heavy

Heavy rain can casue the visibility problem of the driver. And when driver cannot see the before vehicles and people, accidents can easily happen. In such a situation, the only good idea is to find a safe place like rest areas and protected areas to park your vehicle. You need to be very carefully and drive slowly to find the parking spot, stop there until the heavy rain passes.

Buy your child a pair of sneakers

Buying sneakers for your kids may cost lots your time and money, as children grow quickly and need to change sneakers 2 ~ 3 sizes a year.  So it’s very important to choose the right sneakers for your kids, you need to consider the materials, size, and prices. Kid’s sneakers should be made of durable and breathable materials, which allow the feet to breathe and and protect the feet with durable materials. Parents should also compare sneakers in different models and from different shops to get the best price to save money.

children's sneakers

Sneakers’ Materials

Synthetic and Mesh: Synthetic materials are usually cheap and economic, and mesh is often used for sneaker material due to its breathability
Canvas: Made of flax or cotton,  the most economic material but durable, and usually it’s washable.
Leather: Expensive and durable!
Parents should choose the material suits their kids’ most needs.

Sneakers’ Size

Before purchasing kids’ sneakers, measure carefully for a proper size from toe to heel. Then choose the right size of the sneakers according to the size table provided by the supplers or shops. A pair of suitable sneakers protects children from injuries from falling, or even losing the shoe. To in case the manufacturer make the sneakers not accurately according to the size (such a thing happen oftenly), Better make your kids to try the neakers on feet or view the comments from the people who already the model before if you are buying the sneaker from an online shop.

How to choose age appropriate toys for your baby

There are so many amazing changes take place from your baby’s birth to be a toddler. Baby toys at this stage can be used to stimulate their senses of sight, sound and touch.

But these toys should be carefully chosen, otherwise they could become a threat to these very little and innocent babies or kids.

Here’s some important points when buying toys for your child:

Buy toys appropriated to baby’s age. 

There is usually a label making the age-appropriateness on almost every toy. Reading carefully these labels before making decision to choose them. For the toys there are no age labels, better to avoid them or telephone to ask the suppliers carefully if you already bought them.

Toys for babies of 0~6 months

Toys for new born babies at this age are for looking, listening, sucking or fingering. Babies love to see colorful toys, toys should be lightweight, soft and easy for the babies to handle. The toys suit for this period usually include: cloth toys, hanging toys, small stuffed toys and plastic keys ring.

Toys for babies of Babie of 6 to 12 months

Babies at this stage begin to be aware of their surroundings. They start teething, learning how to grasp, crawl, try to stand up. The toys suit for this period usually include: baby play gyms, bath toys, teethers and mucical toys.

Baby teether toy

Toys for babies of 12 ~36 months

Babies at this age will learn to walk, speak and play independently. The toys suit for this period usually include: books, walkers, talk along, action figures & statues toys.

Baby walker toy

Only buy toys which are safe for your baby

Toys are supposed to be fun and and even make babies learn something. But each year, many toy-related injuries are reported. So please take care on the following points:

Toys made of fabric should be labeled as flame resistant or flame retardant.

Stuffed toys should be washable.

Painted toys should be covered with lead-free and durable paint. Better find to “lead-free” marking on the toys or its package. The finish should be unlikely to peel off.

Buy toys which are from famous suppliers and shops with good reputations.

Usually good suppliers make toys strictly according age and safey standards. Famous suppliers like Baby Einstein, Fisher-Price and reliable shops like You don’t need to worry about too much on choosing the right toys for your babies when buying toys from them. Just read carefully the instrucion about the age-approprateness, safety issue.